I went to a massive music festival in San Bernadino with some friends from across the hall in the dorms. We saw sick perfomances and danced for hours. Here is my article that I wrote for the uni student papers;

Saturday September 25th Insomniac held its 16th annual Nocturnal Festival at the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernadino, CA.

42000 attended the big rave festival, braving the heat wave. The festival had Alice in Wonderland as a theme, it had 5 stages and large scale art installations and sculptures with fire.

Several great artists and DJ’s performed at the festival, such as Steve Angello, Ferry Corsten, ATB, Dada Life and Pretty Lights.

This year Insomniac offered free water refills for everyone which was great, it kept you hydrated and helped keep people dancing all day into the warm night. The audience seemed electric trough out the 11 hours long festival.

With the many fast beating songs, lights, crazy outfits, carnival rides and dressed up entertainers  it seems like Insomniac could live up to calling it “wonderland”. When Steve Angello played Swedish House Mafia’s “One” the audience seemed to get into a frenzy, likewise with ATB when they played Ecstasy and managed to blow a speaker.

As soon as the sun set the outdoor tents filled up at the speed of light. Angello who housed “Alice’s House”, a massive two story black tent with 78.000 square feet of room to dance and shuffle, together with Eddie Halliwell, D. Ramirez and Dada Life gave people no reason to leave.

Though you had to dip your head into ‘‘the Labyrinth’’, another one of the outdoor stages, and check out Ferry Corsten, ATB and Markus Schulz that were blasting music in a sauna hot, white tent with massive speakers and an euphoric crowd.

If the 110 degree weather had made you tired, the lawn next to the pond at the entrance seemed a good place to rest. Embracing the magic of the moment, looking at people passing by in their minimal outfits with candy (bracelets) up to their armpits or watch people getting light shows.

At the end of the night confetti was raining down, lasers pointing everywhere, fireworks blasting somewhere in the warm nights sky and the base pumped loud in the background, it truly seemed like wonderland.


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