Today was Thanksgiving, my first real all-American Thanksgiving which I spent with only American.

Me and Shane arrived at his moms house in LA two days ago and we’ve done nothing, nada so far just relaxing which has been so nice, such a nice change from studying and being stuck in the dorms.

Today we went to his uncle Scotty’s house in Anaheim to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family and it really reminded me of christmas times back home. We had typical thanksgiving food such as; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, bread rolls, green beans, gravy, pumpkin pie and also cheesecake, coconut pie, ham etc. I can honestly say I have not been that full in ages and even though we were constantly drinking troughout the day it was impossible getting even a slight buzz cause we ate so much.

Now we’re back in LA, watching TV and chilling….went for a walk with his two dogs and ran down the block cause it was so cold outside…. I’m really starting to feel the christmas spirit creeping up. And tomorrow is black friday, which is a big shopping day here in the US. All the major stores have massive sales, it’s crazy and I’m glad I already have more stuff than I can bring back cause that mean i litterally cannot shop anymore.

now maybe brownie, goldfish and a christmas movie…


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