Santa Clarita Valley

Friday; we hit the gym to get rid of all the thanksgiving food we had in our stomaches…after a 3 hours sesh we went grocery shopping and we literally got as much ice cream we could carry.

Shane cooked a dank stir fry and then we went to ‘Shooters’ with his friend Mike to play pool and darts. After a couple of drinks, most of whom we had in Mikes car as Shane’s not 21 yet, we found a punching machine. You put in a dollar and a little speed punch bag comes down and it measure how hard you hit it.
We did that until Shane broke the record and I broke my hand….could barely make a fist at the end of the night. After a ‘bumpy ride’ back to the house I passed out as soon as my butt touched the couch. Woke up 4 something hours later and Shane’s still awake, it’s and he is still eating, would have been more hilarious if I could have kept my eyes open for more than 30 seconds.

Saturday; We went to Six Flags- Magic Mountain which is one of the biggest themeparks in the world I think, or it has the most gnarly rollercoasters in the world. Anyhow Shane got me to go on most of them. I don’t think I’ve ever cussed so much in my life, I was scared shitless but still did it. Goliath has a gnarly drop and most of them have loops and corkscrews and other nutty stuff.
Tatsu is my favorite, the ride is ontop of a large hill so it overlooks everything….u sit down and buckle up and then the seats lean forward so you are hanging in your harness and it feels like you are flying.Being stuck in that thing, going up the track, overlooking the drop (we are of course in the front) I wanted to pee myself but could not remember which muscle I’d have to use to do so….
Got off it alive and with the biggest smile ever on my face! I loved it!

We also hit up the arcade and played some games, won some stuffed animals and superhero capes.

Had some delicious Mexican food and played a couple of round of darts at Shooters before ending up infront of the TV again.

Being back in SM sucks and it feels like lifetimes ago we were in Santa Clarity Valley though it was this morning…homework, laundry, gym, finals and class…couldn’t be more excited. Atleast I had the best thanksgiving I could ever have imagined…

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