Back to Preston, UK

So I have finally started my world tour…..or I’m continuing and starting the second part of my trip. One week in Sweden was way too short but I got a chance to see all my good friends so that was nice..

Embarking on this part of the trip feels weird. I am more nervous as arriving to Thailand alone not really knowing what is going on is nervewrecking. I have my volunteer placement settled but i don’t know anything about what I will do and such…

I already miss Cali so much especially as Preston is not the same. I miss all my frenchies that are not here, though it’s been nice to see Jan, Dariya, Mzungu, Marjo, Morad, Max, Cy, Paolo, Nikki and the rest of last years prestonians.

Been partying it up since I got here, not much else to do…
Tonight is a latino party, seems nice…. might just aswell enjoy myself while I’m here…


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