Scuba Diving & Snorkling in paradise

Yesterday I went on a full day trip snorkling and kayaking in many of the nice islands/bay’s/reef’s/beaches around Koh Phi Phi. We went on a boat around all day and stopped at 8 or so places and it was amazing. I visited the Maya bay, the beach from the movie with Leonardo Di Capri – “the Beach”. I also went to Shark point, monkey beach and a few other places, saw Monkeys, a lot of amazing fish and much more.

Went to dinner with some Dutch girls I met and then came back from a night out at around 2 am. I changed room in the morning and when I got there the room was filled with the largest cockroaches I have ever seen. I’ve seen my fair share of bugs but these ones were BEASTS! I’ve never seen anything like it, the biggest one was around 14cm I’d say, really nasty. So I had enough and took my bags and left at 3 am in the morning. I sat outside another guest house I stayed at last time I was in Koh Phi Phi; Bant hai. Some nice Irish girl saw me sitting in the lobby on the floor as I was waiting for the guest house to open at 8 am. She felt bad for me and let me stay in her room as she had a spare bed.

Backpacker are so nice, she was a lifesaver. I got a few hours of sleep and got my own room this morning and at 9 am I started my PADI open water scuba diving course. It was really nice, I did some theory this morning and I’ve been scuba diving all afternoon. Tomorrow we are going out to with the boat to reefs further away, I am so stoked. Except from the fact that we are leaving at 8 am in the morning so I have to go to bed early.

Things are falling into place, I’m meeting a lot of nice people and starting to feel “at home” here a bit. I’ve been eating a lot of nice thai food from little stalls, buying fresh fruit from the market every day and I’m practicin my thai, which is still extremly bad…but it could be worse, I’m having fun atleast…


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