Starting volunteer work in Phuket

You never know what to expect, life deals you a hand and you kind of have to run with it. I am currently in Northern Phuket in a small fishing village where there are about 200 houses and 600 people living.

I started my volunteer work at the Marine Biology Research Center here yesterday and it is not really what I thought it would be. Working is fine, everyone’s super nice and friendly but I am having a hard time getting used to the life here.

Mostly because I live in a small house outside the village, in the djungel. When I first came into the room I am suppossed to live in it was full of shit. Seems like the room has ben uninhabited for a while so rats, toads and cockroaches where living there. I am sleeping on a dirty matress on the floor in the middle of it. I tried to clean most of it out so it is bearable atleast but the bathroom door I taped shut so the rats can’t come out and bite me all the time. I sprayed the area around the matress with a spray to keep cockroaches and bugs away but it doesn’t really help and I heard you are not suppossed to inhale to much of it as it causes nerve damage.

The good part is I am learning a lot of thai, barely anyone here speaks English and I am the only ‘farang’ or foreigner I know in the village at the moment so hopefully I can pick up thai quite fast. The family living in the house next to me are very nice, they cook for me and two other female thai student (that I live with) every evening. Last night we sat on their porch drinking beer and eating all night, they tried to teach me Thai and I told them about Sweden and Europe.

The positive side is that Thai people are so friendly and kind, it is impossible to dislike them. I do dislike where I live thought but that a different thing.

Today I taught my first English class, it was at the local school and I was nervous and not prepared as I thought I was only going to assist the current teacher but she wanted me to run the whole class. It was nice though, a new experience and the kids were adorable.

Tomorrow we are going kayaking in the Mangrove forest behind the Research center and next week we are diving to check how anemones that the center planted are doing. I feel bad but I don’t know if I’ll last that long. I feel bad and sick and I kind of want to go home. But I don’t want to dissapoint all the nice people here that are kinda counting on me to help out. I don’t know what to do, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I have to decide so I can tell them in advance if I am staying or not.

I’ll try to last a week to being with….


2 responses to “Starting volunteer work in Phuket

  1. Hi,
    My name is Fred and live in Sydney Australia, I’m professional painter (construction worker) and running my own business, I’m looking for a short time (couple of weeks) volunteer work in Phuket, I look at your website and I thought you might know where can I start.
    I’ll be appreciated if you let me know of any organizations that might need my help.

    Best regards,

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