23, it’s just a number….

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. As I am in the jungle still I didn’t do anything special, not that 23 would be a big number to celeberate anyway. I had some tasty thai food with my neighbours and hung out drinking leo with them all evening.

They are trying to teach me thai, which is not the easiest but I am finding myself starting to get a grip of it quite fast.

No new plans so far, next week we are going diving to check out the coral reefs in the area. I am planning to leave Phuket for Chiang Mai on Friday evening and after that head to Railay beach and then Koh Phi Phi.

Today is Saturday and I have the weekend off but I am still in the office with Pon and Nouk as there is not much else to do. Here I got internet atleast so I can watch some TV-shows. I am trying to catch up on Jersey Shore and Avatar the last Airbender.

All the sweet birthday wished on facebook and all the email calls I got really cheered me up. I feel much better about being here, though it does get a bit lonesome from time to time. My stomach isn’t getting much better though, I’m living of mostly water and fruit and nuts. I feel like a little monkey.

Haha oh and of course, my housemates left for Phuket town yesterday so I am now alone in the house over the weekend. My neighbours were worried I wouldn’t be fine but I assured them it would all be ok. Just because of that, when I came home last night I found a tarantula sitting on the toilet and cockroaches running around like they owned the place. Slept with the light on and sprayed the whole house with that nerve damaging bug spray and passes out to some music…


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