Mardi Gras

The world famous gay and lesbian Mardi Gras festival was celebrated this weekend in Sydney. The city was filled with half naked people and people dressed up as if it was Halloween. I had an amazing time with Rachel and her friends, we dressed up with feather boas, glowing neon bracelets and glitter.

The parade that goes trough central Sydney filled the streets with thousands of people and it was hard to catch a glimpse of the parade if you did not have a chair or something else to stand on. As I am short people felt sorry for me and let me go to the front so I got a great field of view in the end.

Never have I had such a great night out meeting friendlier people, everyone was in a great mood, the street were filled with happy, half drunk partying people and glitter. Walking back home after some clubbing the streets were filled with vomit and trash but it was cleaned up so fast that the next day when I moved into the flat it was like Mardi Gras had never happened.  No trace left of the glamorous multicultural event that shook the street just hours earlier….


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