the 6th is tomorrow, not today…

Today I went to the Paramatta campus to work at the study abroad fair. When I got there I thought I was early as I was the only one there, turned out it is tomorrow.

Stupid me I went on the wrong day, I hurried in the morning too thinking I was going to miss the train and be late.

However I spent a nice day hanging out with Melissa who like found me lost on campus wandering around. The dorms at Paramatta are really nice and I can understand why so many chose to stay there even though its 30-50min from the city. The apartment complexes are new, they have a pool and big, apartments with balconies and modern kitchens.

Must say it is better standard than at the UVA though I miss the University Village Apartments in San Macos a lot. Mostly the people living there and the pool though.

But I think I am starting to get too old to live in dorms, I like the social part of it but not the fact that it is always more expensive than finding housing outside from campus…


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