Wine tastings in Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley, also called the Wine Country located North West of Sydney is an amazing area with rolling green hills, vineyards and old style houses and farms as far as you can see.

The area took me to Southern France or the Mediterranean in general with not only vineyards but cheese factories, stores with local produce, olive oils, honey, jams, bakeries, butcheries and chocolate factories. It was a very small, picturesque area which I could imagine myself living in if I was retired and wanted sun, wine and relaxation.

Me, Blake, Francisco and Katina drove up there early this morning to go wine tasting and exploring the different areas, stores and foods that the Valley had to offer. We  managed to cram in around 7 wineries, a cheese factory, a nice lunch at an Irish Pub, and some shopping for local produce.

We tried some fantastic wines, at every winery they had wine lists with “reds”, “whites”, “sparkling” and “dessert” -wines and you could chose to try as many as you wanted from around 15-25 wines. I went mostly for the whites and the dessert ones as I like fruity and sweet wines. Francisco and Katina went for the heavy reds while Blake tried a little of everything.

The trick to not get too buzzed during wine tastings is to take snack breaks every now and then and it was no problem at all today. Next to almost every winery they had a cheese or chocolate shop, restaurants or bakeries.  I had some nice chocolate truffles and some nice cracker with locally produced jams.

It was a good day and we had luck with the weather, sunshine and 27 degrees C while it rained in Sydney city all day. Well back in the city I already miss the country side and now have to plan an excursion for Easter break so I can get away from the city hustle and bustle.

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