Groovin the Moo

I am trying to decide whether or not to go to ‘Groovin the moo’, a music festival in Canberra on May 8th. It is an annual Australian festival that tours the country as most music festivals do around here, and it has received great reviews from the previous year.

The line up is good but I have never heard of most of the bands, though getting out of Sydney, staying in tents and enjoying some good music is never wrong in my book. The tickets are 104 aus Dollars and considering that I pay the same for vegetables each week I do not think it is too expensive.

The only problem is getting there and back and how much uni work I will have at that point. However I cannot wait to get out of Sydney again, yesterdays trip to the wine country left me very sick with a burning ulcer but it was worth it just to get out of the city. Groovin the moo would be a nice break right before finals I reckon…


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