Head and wall clash

I feel like my head is split into two and I feel like Harry Potter complaining about an aching forehead haha.

Last night I felt dizzy after standing up too fast and as I am stupid I tried to get to my bed instead of sitting down again and ended up passing out/blacked out and fell head first into a wall. Luckily I don’t have a concussion at least but last night after hitting my head I wanted to vomit from the pain and passed out again from it before I reached my bed.

The wall is better off than me I think, and after holding an icepack against my forehead half the day I feel like a slightly sore popsicle now. Some rest and a movie might make it better, speaking is out of the question as when I speak and move my forehead it hurts like h….so no skype today, study and movie’s are gonna be my shit!


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