Aftermath of Creamfields

Where did the week go?

It feels like this whole week has just been the aftermath of Creamfields. I made it to Uni and managed to get two essay out of the way. I also scored another interview with Deborah De Williams who just won a world record for running around Australia.

Tuesday we went out for Mel’s 21st B-day, hade some cocktails and ended up at Sidebar. Then two intense days of Uni and yesterday I hung out with the people living in the Village (dorms) at Paramatta. Think we managed to trash the whole apartment we were hanging out in. Luckily RA’s here are not like in California, they barely noticed, no noise complaints or other remarks. If we would have been at CSUSM we would probably all have been on probation by now cause we played music so late with the front door open.

Now getting ready for another day out, I have to enjoy Sydney as much as possible because I’m leaving soon (hopefully). The Gaff at Kings Cross with Mel and my flatmates, whoop!


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