Day 2. Byron Bay

After a nice dinner with all the other at the hostel last night I went to bed early. Wokr up at 7.30 this morning and the sun was shining. Sitting outside the hostel reminded me of  Thailand, palm trees, weird animals running amok and laundry hanging everywhere.


Early day at the beach, we planned on surfing but there was no swell what so ever, totally flat. We saw two dolphins though, 50 or so meter out but they were gone in minutes. We spread out our sarongs and planned on reading instead when a dog came running and peed on Katinas backpack. It was so funny and annoying at the same time, the owner just continued on like nothing had happened while Katina screamed like a little girl and cursed in Spanish.

Byron city center

I walked along the beach for ten minutes and made it to the city center. It is mainly two streets but they are filled with quirky small stores. Healing, yoga, meditation and herbal medicins are popular aspects here, so are the local hippies that are more common than in any other city I’ve ever sat foot in. The small town has a 70’s vibe and the locals are friendly and helpful.


Me, Katina and a french girls we met decided to trek up to the old lighthouse. It was easier said than done as when we reached the foot of the mountain the sun set and everything was pitch black. After a 20 min trek we made it to the top, the view was amazing but the trek back was not really worth it. Back in Byron city cente again I am trying to plan for tomorrow, leave for the Gold coast early or late? That is the question, if I leave late then I can go to Nimbin and maybe surf in the morning if it’s not flat…


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