Day 4. Surfer Paradise

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Queensland, The Gold Coast I have made it to the Australian version Miami. Spent my first night in the dorms here at a double birthday Party. It was the birthdays of two of Bens french friends and they celeberated with cake and champagne.

The University of Griffith’s Village.

My friend Ben studes for his masters at the University of Griffith, the uni is large with several campuses along the coast. I am sure he did a good choice in choosing this over Brisbane and Sydney. It is a different vibe here and a different life I think compared to living in the CBD in Sydney. There are several small communities streched over a few miles along the coast with longs nice white beaches and good surf spots.


Woke up to some loud crows making a fuzz outside the dorms. The sun was shining so we went to the beach with my friends and his crew of comrades and spent the day lazily baking in the sun. The weather and enviroment is so different from the cold, crowded streets of Sydney. Along the beach you can see miles up and down the coast and the sand is properly white and soft and makes a squeaking noise when you step on it. I would have loved to do my exchange up here, being able to surf every day, the beach less than 15 minutes away from campus.

Surfers Paradise

Spent most of the day at the beach, it was sunny and nice and I finished ‘the time travelers wife’ while the guys were surfing. After the surf sesh we went to Surfer Paradise to have a look. I had imagine it to be like Byron Bay, all laid back, small community, relaxed and it turned out to be the opposite. Surfers is very americanized, I got the feeling I was walking down the street in SoCal or Florida. Uber modern with massive malls, stores, sky scrapers and then the beach close by. Though surfers is a good tourist spot and promises a good night out this was not what I was looking for. I guess the further north I will get, the more I will get to see of ‘the real’ Australia. Cannot wait for Fraser Island and Noosa.

Birthday party 2

After some episodes of ‘the mentalist’ and some mackers, we are off to the second birthday party since I got here. This one is smaller but many of the people I met the night before are there. Most of them are international students, this is what I like so much with university; you meet people from all over the world. We end up eating ice cream and burritos in his friends apartment and we managed to get a noise complaint for talking. The RA’s here are more relaxed than in America and a noise complaint here is but a mere warning. The RA’s are mostly adults here and not student and they mostly act on calls with complaints and alcohol is okay to possess so a party can easily be justified. I pass out watching Zombieland after a small munching session of grapes, sour lollies and nutella.


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