Day 11. Hervey Bay

Yesterday evening we found out that the tour we were suppossed to go on today to Fraser Island was cancelled. They did not have enough bookings and had just rolled us over.

Dull Hervey bay

Turns out there is not much to do in Hervey Bay, I spent day walking up and down the main street to find functioning internet and on a hunt for something to do. After some aimless walking with Zoe a dutch girls we ended up going back to the hostel to watch Vancouver win their first hockey game of the final seven.

I also did some laundry for the first time in two weeks and then had a light dinner of nuts and OJ before heading to the Nomads office.

Briefing for Fraser

We had a briefing for the Fraser Island Tour at 6.30 at the Nomad office. Around 45 people turned up and we met our guides and were split into groups of 6-8 people. I luckily ended up with all the people I shared a dorm with, Andy and Dean from the Gangju bushcamp, Lisa and Emma from England and Zoe from the Netherlands. We then were told what to bring and to show up at 6.45 the next morning.

Early night, packing and hopefully a good nights sleep before spending another few days in the wilderness of Australia.


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