Last semester, Hoooray!

So it has begun, my last semester (hopefully) at UCLan and my last semester in Preston. Honestly I am excited to leave, to be free from institutionalization and enjoy a warm summer somewhere far away from Englands rainy claws, hopefully working in Korea or Dubai.

But back to the present, Preston is getting freezing, though it is still winter and even if my Australian mates are repping boardshorts and thongs, I’m taking out mitts and scarfs.

Today is the third, tomorrow for my B-day we are going to Manchester, though I have been there 6 times in the last two weeks for different reasons so I am not uber stoked anymore. Though a good night out with close friend would do anyone good, strangely enough Manchester sometimes reminds me of Sydney, not in architecture, culture or weather but it has a similar ambiance.

I will spend today with baking, moms and my birthday are coming up this weekend so I will be Swedish enough to make småkakor and cinnamon rolls which we so often do for birthdays. Maybe even a prinsess tårta if I can manage….no that I like either cookies or cake but for me it is kinda soothing and therapy-ish to bake and cook so…today is baking day


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