A regular Feb week

I am not sure it is because I quit working at Yate’s or if it is because I am great at procrastinating but between research for my dissertation and hitting the gym I have had an amazing amount of free time this week.

Monday I went on a staff night out with the Yate’s crew, started off with bowling and had a nice dinner at Tiggis Italian restaurant before I headed home early.

Wednesday me and my flatmates made a big dinner together, 9 of us cooked and we had home made food from the Italian, French, Vietnamese and Swedish kitchen.

After Pho, pasta and cinnamon rolls we finished off with ice cream and realized that out of the 11 of us around the table, there were 8 different nationalities represented. Studying abroad I now realize when it is soon over, that meeting so many international people and crossing cultures maybe have been the best part of it.

Friday and Saturday I finished off the book Sisters, hit the gym and started writing on a new story for a print edition magazine. Friday night me and the flatmates went to a large Spanish pre-drink at foundry court and Saturday we went to a French goodbye party for Will.

Here is the week in pics

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