Kony 2012

The real deal or what?

Not to be negative but honestly, Kony 2012 touches you and now over 80 000 000 people have seen it on youtube but isn’t it sad that the majority of the world population had no clue about this until a lobbyist and now “lunatic” made a movie about it. Is it like that, that people don’t care or do not want to know until something gets shoved in your face or becomes trendy?

Even if Kony 2012 is touching the facts are not straight; Joseph Kony left Uganda 6 years ago, they do not know where he is or if he is still alive, and even if he can be blamed for much the Ugandan government is humongously corrupt and bad things will continue to happen.

People have to use their brains, as they say in the middle of the movie: there is no way the US will ever get involved in a conflict where our national security or financial interest aren’t at stake”, so then the question is….why are they so keen on getting involved? they have never cared enough about the third world countries before so….

might it be cause rumour has it that oil has been found in Uganda? why even send us troops to Uganda if Kony is not in that area at the moment?

I do hope he does get stopped and that things get better in Uganda and the surrounding countries but I do not know if this is the best way, neither if letting the US in is the wisest decision.


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