Crazily hectic April and May: The end of Preston

It has been hectic people, final year and about to graduate with finals in May, that will explain why I have not payed attention to the blog.

After Easter when uni picked up again I spent most of my time in the library. People came back from Easter break just to sit their exams, pack and leave again so I did the same. Me I was going back to live in Sweden for an undecided amount of time, this, for the first time in 4 years, scary…

So recap:

End of April

It was the month of birthday bashes, whats up with everyone having kid in April huh? well Flo, Ewan, Max, Thom and Charles all had their birthdays withing two weeks of each other which just gave everyone a reason to celebrate all the time. We had several large birthday dinners and I made more cakes in one week than I have in the last 6 months (carrot cake for Max the ginger).

Charles had a birthday celebration in his house which I went to early with Flo, at the end of the night there was 30 French there and an argument started because of the noise and the neighbors came, argued, smashed a window and the police had to come. Me and Jan tried to stop the fights and by the end of the night one of the police officers ask for my number while Jan was furious and Charles shitfaced and the house was a mess with broken glass covering the doorstep.

We also had a massive goodbye dinner for Linh, a night out at Donatas glowstick event at the club Tonic where me, Sintija and Margarita helped decorate the club and as a thanks we received free glowsticks and hade “jedi fights” with them. We also went to a dead house party this week, where the party was in a basement next to a little gym and where we knew nobody, but beat some people in beerpong and then returned home. End of April Cyrielle came to visit and early May Clements friends came….

4th of May

Everyone in my house were about to move out so we decided to throw one last goodbye party, we cleared two bedrooms out to put in a pingpong table, set up a proper DJ booth with speakers and made the outdoors shed into a smoking room (as we predicted rain). The house was packed with around 70 people and the music was pumping all night. Later we heard that most people thought it was the best house party in Preston this year. The clean up the day after was terrible and people had food and paint fights, our white floor was black and  the walls had shoe marks up til the ceiling for some reason.

Personally I went to bed at 3 as I had been at Nicolas house for a “deephouse afternoon” with the Frenchies, but I woke up around 7 to find some of my flatmates still partying.


Impulsive me, the day after our house party and after 5-6 hours of cleaning and scrubbing, on 5th of May I ended up spontaneously tagging along to Manchester to the nightclub Sankeys with seven French guys. They all had tickets and the Martinez Brothers were DJ-ing and me, hoping to get a ticket at the door realized once we got there that it was sold out. The line consisted of maybe 600 people and after leaving the guys to go find a ticket, luckily I hustled a guy on the street and got one for 25 quid. Well inside it was packed and there was even bouncer for the lines to the bathroom.

I lost and found people from our group during the night and one of the guys got kicked out around 2 am and waited for the rest of us outside til we caught the bus back to Preston at 6 am. Intense and crazy night but best night out in Manchester all year for sure.

Leighton Halls

Who throws a goodbye party in a dorm where the flat has one tiny window? It was a bad idea even if it was fun, but the place ran out of oxygen quite fast and so the night ended early. The day after the french community in Preston had a goodbye bbq and we woke up just in time to get there and enjoy it before it started drizzling again, how typical England.

Lake District

The last week in Preston mostly consisted of packing and ending my life in the UK which means paying bills, finalizing mobile contracts, gym memberships etc. All those adult things that you’d rather not do…

The only sunny day the whole week, Wednesday the 16th of May we decided to go on a trip to the Lake District. Me, Clement, Jacques, Chris and Tibo set off. We had a good day, started out with renting a small motor boat, cruising the lake and we all took turns driving. It turned out that I am quite the backseat driver, even when it comes to boats.

Even if promised sun, typically England it rained for an hours mid-day so we took cover and had lunch under a patio in a hotel garden and the frenchies typically French brought wine, cheese, baguettes and sausage.

We hiked, took the ferry and found some ruins where we had another snack break before returning home in the evening.

Last supper

Packed and ready, two massive boxes and 2 large suitcases. Sunday 20th was D-day and to celebrate the end we threw a massive dinner with 20 of my closest friends. Everyone cooked and we had food for an army, more food than seats. Everyone left late and I didn’t go to sleep as I was sad to leave.


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