C’est trop cool le sud de la France

I moved back to Sweden on the 21 of May after a massive goodbye dinner with 20 of my closest friends in Preston. Strange, the feeling to move back home after such a long time abroad. Not that I think my ‘living in Sweden’ situation will last very long.

Thursday 31st of May I went down to Stockholm to visit a few old friends, one who’s Birthday it was and who now has a baby, times change and since I left Sweden I always return home and feel like time has stood still, this was a major sign it has not.

Babies, cake and drinks later, I get ready for France and I left in the early morning for Brussel and then Nimes. Me always being late I just made the connecting flight in Brussel.

Morad a friend from my first year of uni picked me up in Nimes and first afternoon was spent on the beach with friends from Preston and we spent the night in a cabin on top of mount Ventoux with Sylvain, Chris, Thom, Pauline and Jordane, eating pizza and judging picasso.

2nd of June was the birthday of Clement, which is partially the reason I went in the first place, we went sightseeing during the day Visiting villages and Avignon and arrived at the massive house party late in the afternoon. More wine than anyone could drink, a professional DJ table set up, a collection of small cars outside the house and tents on the lawn… Next day was recovering and Monday Chris left for Preston, Clem for exams and me for Montpellier and Cy’s house.

A relaxing week with Cy and her new kitten Hloya (pronounced Loya as French has a don’t pronounce H). We went to the beach with Stephane from first year of uni, went shopping, visited Sete and spent a late night in a skatepark looking at caravans like teenagers.

Morad, Jordane, Stephane, Marjo, Theo, Clem and Rachid joined us over the weekend and then I went to Marseille with Morad on Sunday. The weather was good and we spent Monday in Cassis, working on a tan whilst laying in the cliffs, me dangling my feet in the Mediterranean for the second time of my life (first was Friday the week before).

I went back home on Tuesday and now finally in Sundsvall I am unpacking my boxes that arrived from England and I am  trying to finalize my dissertation…

Seeing how it is the worst summer in years and its mid June, 15 degrees and rain I don’t think it will be a problem.

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