The issue that is: Syria

I wake up every morning to news about a rising death toll in Syria, and massacre after massacre of innocent children, women and men in villages and every day I shake my head and ask myself when someone will step in.

The world has not forgotten about Syria, they are simply ignoring what is going on. The truth is that we are letting another genocide occur during our lifetime without the west or the UN putting pressure or stepping in to stop the manslaughter that is taking place. Kofi Annan, the UN and the rest of the world are fast to condemn the actions of the Syrian government but they are not fast to act and Kofi Annans peace plan for Syria seems to have no effect at all as the killings continue and as the UN states that Syria is on the brink of civil war.

The UN deployed 300 unarmed monitors to oversee the cease-fire in Syria that they hoped would take place but two day

Will our modern world stay passive and let such violence have its discourse without making a move to step it and stop the killing of innocent people. Thought leaving our hope to the UN seems yet again to be a mistake as they already failed with Rwanda and Srebrenica, and though Annan promised such acts would never again happen under his time in the UN it is taking place right now. Annan pushed for the R2P plan which stands for ‘Responsibility to protect’. The R2P program has collectively been approve by the international community and encompasses;“United Nations, would take ‘timely and decisive’ collective action to honour the international responsibility to protect people against atrocities.”s ago BBC News reported that the UN are withdrawing their

activities in Syria because of escalating violence. This should be a warning bell that it is really time for the rest of the world to wake up and to step in. As early as in February 2012 Genocide Watch issued warnings of what was occurring in Syria and since then the violence and atrocities have escalated fast.

This is the same plan the UN used as framework for their work in Libya and even there the UN used military help from third parties and countries. Maybe now when even the UK officially states that Annan’s attempt to peace talks are futile and that the UN need to take “much tougher action” will the UN start to act. Leaving hope to the UN though is a chance and though many often complain about the US getting involved in international situations where they have no right to be as a third party, but maybe they can be the hope and salvation right now. It has already been stated that the Obama regime has recognized that Annan’s peace plans is failing and thus there is the hope that the US will step up to the plate and get involved.

Much faith cannot be left for the UN as a working international organ at the moment, and are we gonna continue to wake up every morning to headlines stating that another village has been wiped out and more people executed. After the massacres in Houla and shortly after in Hama,  another massacre is on the brink to happen right now in Homs as the Irish Independent yesterday reported that 30 000 Assad troops have surrounded the rebel city.

Why do we care if Russia will gets upset if other countries intervene? Russia is pro the Assad regime, and yes they area large superpower but is the rest of the world going to be scared into standing by and watching another genocide take place?

People always ask how the world could let the Holocaust take place and then we let genocides in Rwanda and Srebrenica happen and now that another one is taking place during a generation when we live in an information era where news and information is accessible 24/7 and more people are aware of what is happening internationally than ever, are we going to remain passive? are we going to watch from the sidelines and then write books about how we could let this occur and regret  that we let it happen?

The only hope now is that the US steps in, yes we do not want them to be the world police but in times like these where else can we turn, and who else have the ability and the resources to step in. If they don’t then we can just continue to watch as more innocent people get slaughtered while a in many ways useless UN negotiates for a peace that will not come until the mass extermination has ended. And then our generation has to be ashames as years from now people will look back and ask the same as we do with the Holocaust, why none put their foot down and stopped these atrocities from happening? and why none stood up for the innocent? why we let it happen?

I hope the history will not be like this and that our generation do not have to be ashamed for being passive, thus we need to act now, to stop this and to save innocent lives before we add another tragic milestone to the history books, if it is not already too late for that…


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