Rio +20 a disappointment

The Rio +20 meeting taking place i Rio de Janeiro where the first Earth summit took place 20 years ago Imagehas ended and with a disappointing outcome. The meeting has the aim of “putting humanity on a more sustainable pathway, including alleviating poverty” and according to BBC News negotiators have agreed on a text that the participating countries will sign off on.

The only problem is that since the first Earth Summit 20 years ago, not much action has been taken and the new text does not seem to promise a lot of commitment for a more sustainable future either. This is something that upset the EU delegates who complained that there is a lack of ambition to reach these goals.

Another sign of the lack of ambition is that several major world leaders such as Obama, Merkel and Cameron did not plan on attending the summit. Statistics show that since the first meeting 1992 where tackling greenhouse gases was high up on the agenda, from 1992 to 2008 carbon emission rose with 36%.

ImageThe text does not promise much for future sustainable development plans and lacks commitment, thus people hoping this was going to be a turning point for our future development and our planet, were hoping in vain.

More pressure need to be put on politicians and organizations alike if we are to save our planet, though at the moment no one seems to be bothered about the planet as long as we have an ongoing economical crises. Though we need to think ahead and not just live in the ‘now’ as we are dooming future generations otherwise and then in the long run economical stabilization won’t matter as we have screwed our-self over.

It is sad that this was a flop and that people do not realize that it is now or never, this is the time to commit and start changing. Global warming is not a joke, after working to save coral reefs that died because of 1 degree water temperature change and after living in the northern hemisphere where weather changes are vivid it is clear that something is not right and the nature is not in balance anymore.

See for yourself what happened with the environment between the meetings, check it out:


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