The YOLO generation

I dubbed them the YOLO generation, my generation, todays youth. A generation growing up being coddled by their parents, spoiled with material things and entering university seeing it more as a duty than a privilege.

A generation that pays attention to appearance and looks more than other equally important qualities, where the norm for “normal” is skinny, white and fashionable even though the majority of the world pretends its not the norm. A generation of young individuals thinking that they own the world and that their generation is superior due to today’s advanced technology.

This generations YOLO philosophy makes many of them unpredictable and unreliable seeing as YOLO stand for “You Only Live Once”, a statement encouraging to make the most of your time on earth because you only have one life. Fair enough it is true but this also make the individuals with this mindset unreliable as they rather take more risky opportunities and this also creates a risky and worry free lifestyle which makes them unfit for responsibilities.

Understand me right, there is nothing wrong in enjoying life but YOLO creates an unrealistic take on life as everyone does have to grow up an take on responsibilities and while in adolescent years life is easy, adulthood does crave more accountability.

The young American generation especially have this YOLO view on life, where Vans, Starbucks, Lonboarding, Surfing, Converse, Hollister, Friendship bracelets, Ripped Shorts, Braided hair and listening to EDM is popular, a world where everyone wants to be unique enough to fit in. Where Victorias Secret is packed with young girls buying bras and yogapants, spending days in places like LA Fitness and nights with fake ID’s clubbing or going to raves that they dub Electro Music Festivals to make them legal. America, where its trendy to eat sushi, own apple products, work out for the sake of saying you work out, blog, use instagram and drink soya lattes.

The thing is that they all want to be special but not too special, they want to be unique but to fit in and they want to enjoy life and not settle being a working class citizen like so many earlier generations. I like the concept of YOLO but I do think that many of this generation should take life more seriously and realistically as YOLO means, you only live once, so do not waste it on partying or taking drugs, appreciate the world and what it has to offer. Do not throw away futures because you wanted to party in high school or travel instead of going to university, but follow the meaning of YOLO and do it all and enjoy everything that life has to offer, why limit yourself to a few possibilities when you can have them all. Life is not only good, its good and bad and thus embrace it all instead of picking at only the good things, and make the best of it and enjoy life with responsibilities instead of throwing them out the window.


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