Let the TV-show season begin

An obvious sign that fall might be the dark evening and the cold and rainy weather, but what makes it even more obvious is that most TV-shows that took a summer break, kick off with new seasons this week. Here are some quick reviews and recaps of some of this weeks most notable TV-shows.

The Big Bang Theory

The Date Night Variable, S6E1

Last season ended with Howard and Bernadette getting married and this season picks up where it left off. Howard is finally in space and is dealing with family issues brought on by being a married man all of a sudden. Penny and Leonard meanwhile are trying to avoid speaking of the subject of marriage while Sheldon and Amy are celebrating their anniversary. Amy is hoping for some serious romantic action from Sheldon, whom instead is trying to outsource his boyfriend duties to an overly excited Raj.

The season started off with another funny and entertaining episode with the regular wits of Sheldon continuing with his unsociable, superior behavior. Raj is the third wheel but does not get it until the end and the mother of Howard is continuing with her screaming charm. A good episode, one can only hope it continues like this.

How I Met Your Mother

Farhampton, S8E1

And the never ending story of Teds hunt for his wife continues. In this episode Ted is trying to calm Robin down as she is having cold feet about marrying Barney. Ted then tells Robin the story of how he and Victoria tried to elope, leaving Klauz at the altar just to realize that Klauz did not want to marry Victoria anyway. The episode ends the same way it started, with Ted sitting on a bench at the train station of Farhampton while finally the woman of his dreams, still unrevealed is standing only a few feet down the platform.

After waiting so many seasons for Ted to finally meet “the one”, the story is getting dragged out and this first episode was quite the disappointment, while it explained why Ted could not be with Victoria it also at the same time did not get us much further into the story line, Robin did no get married and we are pretty much where last season left off. A action and events kicked off what has been said to be the last season, one can only hope it gets more interesting fast or maybe there will be a season nine after all.


Reignited, S9E1

The season picks up with Mac returning back to work, though he is suffering from memory loss due to being shot in the back at the end of last season. For the first five minutes we see NYPD and FDNY battle it out in a hockey game which is fairly irrelevant to the story itself, it turns out that an arsonist kills a firefighter that is a good friend of Macs and they go on a hunt for the murderer. In this episode there is only one murder case and the team solves it fairly fast, it is obvious that their suspected arsonist is not to blame and the episode ends with the arsonist dying in her own firetrap. Honestly good but obvious case and a quite dull episode that I could have fast forwarded trough and still understood it.

Criminal Minds

The Silencer, S8E1

The criminal minds crew is back with a new addition, Alex, as Emily has left for London. This time they are dealing with an escaped inmate in Texas, who picks up where he left of and kills people randomly and sews their mouths shut. When the team finally realizes why his MO is so cruel and that he only wants piece and quiets and tries to shut sounds out, it is too late and the felon has already gone on a killing spree. Alex slightly arrogant does not fill the shoes of Emily particularly well, the Alex character though seems to have some problems with the head of the bureau that will for sure add a touch to the tv-show. It was a watchable episode, not very violent or scary one can sleep without nightmare tonight.

Noteworthy is that this week Glee, NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and Fringe also started, but best this week and my daily source for laughter is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I’m an avid fan of Jon and back when I lied in the states I would regularly watch the Daily Show. Sadly in the UK I cannot stream it from the website but in Sweden I can so in the last 10 days I have been catching up with weeks of episodes. The comedy show won an emmy award last week and rightfully so. I love how Jon makes fun of the republican party, politicians in general and foremost fox news. I also enjoy the fact that he is a socialist which many Americans seems to take for communist and the fact that in his comedy reporting there are some valid news but most importantly a different view from biased media sources.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Entertaining as always, this week Jon is speaking not only about the run up to the presidential elections but focuses on the 67th UN regular session of meetings in NY. He blames the UN meetings for traffic jams and takes a piss out of Obama for not meeting with many of the prominent delegates that are attending. Olivia Wilde and Amare Stoqdemire are guests this week but my favorite is Tuesday 25th’s episode where King Abdullah  II of Jordan visiting. Jon makes fun of how unlucky Jordan is to be situated in the middle of such an unstable region and also make fun of Obama, Mitt Romney as usual, and ends the week with a look back at old debates. My favorite moment of ZEN this week is this clip of Romney in Ohio:


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