Whither Goest Thou In Maastricht

Where does the time go? Last week passed so fast and I never made it to Antwerp. It took me the whole weekend to try and finish the application for trademark and copyright infringement for my mock trial case, and I returned home at 9pm last night totally brain damaged and had to wake up at 9 this morning to hand it in, and start my two cases for this afternoon.

This week I desperately need to catch up on some sleep and hopefully I’ll make it to Cologne on Friday for some shopping, as Urban Outfitters just opened and I’d like to make a quick stop at American Apparel as well. One of the major downsides with living in a small city is that you lack diversity in pretty much everything, you don’t have as much to do and there is not much  to chose from in regards to everything. Maastricht is nice but it has nothing to offer, I’m not sure what attracts the busloads of tourists that come here on a daily basis. The only thing the they seem to have an overflow of here are churches and shoe shops and tossed into the mix are a couple expensive boutiques with “old-lady-clothes” for the city’s upper-middle-class-average-citizen.

They had some nice squat houses with cultural events, lectures, movie nights and parties but the city is closing them down, as they are trying to get their act together and clean up the city, so they can hopefully win “the cultural city of the Netherlands”. I don’t think they have a chance, the closing of the coffee shops damaged the tourism and the local businesses majorly and the closing of the squat houses will kill the little culture that are on offer for the younger generation in this city.

Times like these, Paris oh how I miss you, I miss the big city life, where I could just step out on the street on a gray day like this and blend in and get lost in the crowd…. only to find myself walking down some street I’ve never seen before, passing shops and stepping into galleries that are all new to me. I miss being able to follow my feet and explore a city, find new favorite places to take my friend and the best is when I a neighbourhood where I think I have seen it all and I find a new gallery or shop or bar. I think the tugging feeling in my stomach is not from the many grapes I ate today, it is more the travel bug poking me, trying to trigger my usual urge to find adventures to venture on.

This time I will have to shut him up, I hope a glass of wine will help because I have more to study than ever, it’s like a never ending story of cases, books, regulations and directives. I will dive head first into this, with my glass of wine beside me like a good old friend…


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