Soup Season

As it is getting closer to xmas, it’s getting colder, darker and my wallet is getting thinner. Seeing as how it was my dad’s 65th birthday recently I thought I’d get him an extra nice combined xmas/bday gift. I can’t really decide between a nintendo wii and a senseo coffee machine, or maybe both. Either way, the season and my budget calls for culinary creativity in the form of soup.

Tom Kha Gai

It is  the perfect food for my mood, and in retrospect I don’t know why I didn’t eat it more, instead of noodles and rice when I just left home. It’s easy to make, healthy-ish and most importantly it doesn’t feel so heavy in your stomach, which is important when trying to recover from an eating disorder, or atleast I would say it is important for me. Of course there are plenty of heavy and hearty, creamy soups out there, but I stick to broth or soups without so many chunky parts in them. I mean, if I eat soups it’s soup, and not stew, I think some American chefs have mixed the two up or maybe just combined them, either way here are my fave soups. Pho is perfect when you have a bunch of friends over for dinner, it takes a bit longer but almost always tastes really nice because you can make the broths and then let everyone add noodles and condiments as they want, making it very individual, plus it is fun and delicious.

Anyway, here are my favorite soups for cold winter days. (I’ve tried all these recipes, they are bomb). Had the Tom Kha Gai today, was delicious.

Tom Kha Gai:

Pho Ga (Chicken):

Moroccan Carrot Soup:

Tomato Soup:

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