Hunger Games: The Girl On Fire

The books are all entertaining and an easy read for a gray cold winter day, I’m already a big fan of the books so I don’t need much convincing to enjoy the movies. I finished the book trilogy in four days, feels I’ve waited forever for the movies to finally come out and now I cannot wait for the last one. I wish there were more of them, like Harry Potter, but on the other hand I don’t think this story would be told well over such a span.

So I just returned from the cinema and have to say the sequel is almost as good as the first movie. I imagine for those not familiar with the books, that it was slightly mind boggling. However I think the movie follows the story in the books very well without leaving out any major event that takes place in the books. That is one flaw with Harry Potter that makes me cringes when I watch the movies, but then again the Harry Potter books are much longer per se.Image

It was well spent 9 euros, and I am a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, even though her character, Katniss is extremely unemotional and naive at lot of the times, her compassion and fierceness together with the other characters make up for it. Peeta the lovesick puppy also frustrates me, for being the week link, and the anchor dragging the otherwise self-sufficient Katniss down. The love triangle with Liam Hemsworth’s character Gale further complicates things, and Peeta and Gale being complete opposites further fuels this two faced character of Katniss, being split between her in-game-self and her home-self.

The colorful capitol people and specially Effie with her ridiculous hair and make up made me laugh out loud several times in the cinema, to the point where I was embarrassed. It really depicts a social class, so far apart from the people living in poverty in the other districts that it might as well be two different worlds or life on another planet.

The mood it sets, and the sense of revolution really catches you and I secretly in my chair, protected by the darkness of the cinema do the three-finger-hand-sign when Prim does it at the reaping. I can’t help cheering for Katniss but more for the symbol of revolution that she is. Early in the movie, when they visit the different district I do shed a tear when they speak about Rue and when the old man starts to whistle and get’s killed for being the instigator.

I give the movie 4 out of 5 stars, but my objectivity can be questioned. I just enjoy the story, imagining that this could be a version of what the world might possibly look like one day. But mostly I love the seed of hope that Katniss plants, the uprising, the fear of Snow of what has been set in motion, the strength of hope and what it can do, and the humanity of the people uniting and persevering. Then that there is a female hero for once doesn’t hurt either, but I was sold on the movie before I stepped my foot in the cinema tonight, so go watch it for yourselves and judge but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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