The Age of Racism, Sweden Disappoints

Racism, the topic of the hour. Maybe because we have made such huge technological advances in the last century, but still have our society built upon ancient prejudice stereotypes and stale religious ideas.

December 1st the Republican party (US) posted on twitter: “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism“. Something they quickly followed up with “Previous tweet should have read; Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism.” 

Ending racism? What an idealist thought, it is something I do hope for but looking at Sweden for example, political polls showed today that the fastest growing political party, now the 3rd largest in the country are the Sweden Democrats. A Political Party with neo-nazi roots whose main objective is to stop immigration and to send foreign individuals currently residing in Sweden, back to where they came from. This right wing extremist party with open racist political views, already have 20 seats out of 349 in the Swedish parliament (riksdag).

It is scary to see an openly racist political party grow so fast, and get so many followers that they are actually gaining proper power, at the same time as we are making technological advances such as drones, and artificial Islands and robots. Why is this neanderthal idea still so attractive or still existing? In Sweden today a famous hip hop artist received an award by the 5i12 association, a anti-racism group that celebrates 25 years today.

He was openly criticised by Jimmie Åkesson, the leader for the Swedish Democrats as the latest song by Timbuktu, contains lyrics stating that Jimmie oughta be beaten yellow and blue and raised as a flag, something that sounds funnier in Swedish as the flag is yellow and blue and its more of a pun but can obviously be seen as a threat. Anyway Jimmie Åkesson encouraged other politicians from the parliament to “not honor Timbuktu with their presence” at the award ceremony because the lyrics were openly offensive and threatening.
HA, I say, because politicians from this SD, racist party that had seats in the parliament on video threatened a comedian with foreign roots in a McDonalds, they verbally assaulted him and screamed offensive stuff and waved around a iron pipe.

Another youtube video also shot by people from their own party, shows the Swedish Democrats in a bus after a speech and as they are leaving, the streets are filled with people protesting. You can then hear people on the video, encouraging the bus driver to run over the people because they are not white anyway.

So my encouragement to the other politicians in the parliament is to not honor Jimmie Åkesson and their presence, he only talks shit anyway, so they should all go to the bathroom and take as hit and leave him and his shit ideas alone. At least Timbuktu held an amazing thank you speech, putting the racist opponents in their place, unfortunately it is in Swedish without subs. Amazing speech from an amazing artist that I personally believe really deserve the award, the lyrics might be harsh but one has to look at the rest of his work. He has recorded many albums throughout the years, and as stated by the committee giving him the awards, he is portraying society in Sweden in a brutally honest way.

It is sad to see the state Sweden’s in, racism, an idea fit for dinosaurs but sadly so many of the supporters of this racist party are young, born in the 80s like me. I am left to ponder on who raised them? and how did they turn out like this?

To end on a more entertaining note, here are two clips from the daily show, meeting the debate in the US about racism. A more multicultural country I cannot imagine, but still racism is such a big issue. The republican party stating racism ended? Who is the social media guy for them, big bo bo right there, here is Jon Stewart’s take on it.


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