The Hangover News 10 Dec

Tuesday, tummy-ache and thoughtless planning.

My stay-in-study weekend did not really turn out as I had planned.

Friday: After a day at the public library with Özghur we picked up some thai food and went to mine to bake and have gluhwein (mulled wine) with my flatmates. Our friend Dani came over and tried to convince us to go to the snowball, something we did not end up doing, however we had a small gathering of friends at mine, some more wine and in the end I was dancing at the love foundations party at D’n Hiemel.

Saturday: Remembering falling in and out of sleep on Lily’s couch, chatting bullshit with Susanne and eating Josh xmas candy that he left unprotected on the livingroom table. At one point I woke up to an empty livingroom, wondering where everybody (including my friends living there) had gone. They had all gone over to our friends house down the street to watch a football game and chill.

The hot red wine had left me with a horrendous hangover and after going to bed early on Saturday I woke up on Sunday, nowhere near feeling refreshed. Though left with a huge amount of uni work to do, as I had my final mocktrial this Monday, leaving me to finish my opening statement and proceedings on Sunday afternoon.

Monday: Mocktrial, still recovering atleast in terms of hours of sleep. The trial went well, I had a nice coffee with my groupmates and then went home to cook dinner for 8 of my friends.  With finals coming up I assumed it would be the last time we could all meet up before xmas.

After a moment of clarity at the asian grocery store I managed to make a variety of Thai dishes, thai omelette, pad thai, with glass noodles and chicken lettuce wraps and pot sticker/dumplings. The meal was delish, and my friends loved it. I haven’t been so full in a long time and it was nice with a short break before the intense exams period kick off.

Today I did unfortunately spend the most unproductive Tuesday ever, I woke up feeling sick so I proceeded to go get my law books at the library only to come home and stuff my face with chocolate. That left me with a horrible tummy ache, which made me feel like five again, only to make me pass out hugging my pillow and to wake up at 7 in the afternoon. Such a waste of study time, who at my age eats so much candy they get a tummy ache and passes out for the rest of the day?! Well I don’t feel sick anymore at least, and sometime I guess you need to relax and be a child to relieve yourself from pressure and stress. Cause you might call me childish but I feel extremely well rested. So if you have a couple hours to spare, try this relaxing new method to calm down; step 1: eat loads of chocolate you like, this makes you happy. 2: stomach ache might follow, this is a sacrifice you have to live with. 3. Pass out with a full tummy and wake up well rested haha.

Pictures and recipes of the simple thai dishes I made will be up soon.


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