Tunes For Hibernation

Winter is coming, the impending coldness is upon us with frosty December mornings, each a little colder than the one before. This week I have woken up to shiny streets, covered in a thin layer of ice, making the cobblestones glitter and sparkle as the morning sunrays touch upon their gleaming surface.

This in combination with the fact that finals are upon me, have left me no choice but to hide underneath a giant wool sweater, with a thermos of tea in one hand, and my highlighter pen in the other, scribbling and highlighting away in a dark corner in the library.

These nice tunes, makes it all the better and fill me with warmth when not even hot chocolate can, click on the links and have a listen.

Stand Still (feat. Micky Green)

Painted Palms – Spinning Signs

The Head and The Heart – Another Story

Banks – Warm Water (Prod. By Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)


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