Warmest Christmas In History

The Christmas Craze has passed and crappy at updating as I am, I’ll give a short recap of my so far warm Christmas in Sweden and I will post all the old recipes I’ve promised as well.

I left Maastricht the same afternoon as I had my last exam, I’m not sure I succeeded with splendour but either way I packed my bags, said goodbye to my friend leaving for Chile, and dashed to take the train to Amsterdam.
Only be lucky enough to make the last train in Stockholm from the airport to the city center, to find myself without a working phone, outside my friends apartment complex, consisting of about 15 floors at 2.am. After having reconciled with the thought of me having to sleep on the street or in McDonals, a really nice woman let me borrow her phone to call my friends.

Dave and Santa

Dave and Santa

The next days I spent with Dave, we drove to my city Sundsvall, and thought both he and me expected tons of snow, it was +7 and rain. We spent most of the time watching movies, me trying to cure an intense cold, surely the result of a hectic exam week without sleep and food. Dave got to try all the typical Swedish things like caviar in a tube, something he didn’t not fancy, moose, reindeer sausage, tunnbröd (flatbread), candies and christmas sweets that we baked together.

Christmas eve, the 24th is the day we celebrate with our family, as tradition hold we watch donald duck and an array of short disney movies at 3 o’clock, drink mulled wine and a stereotypical box of chocolates called Aladin (like the Arabic pince from disney, thought not in relation to the movie). Usually there are two layers of chocolates, most of them are nasty, but at the end of the day they are all gone anyway. In lack of other things to eat, you always end up eating all the good ones from both layer but are later faced with nibbling on the nasty ones, especially the cherry filled one, where you attempt to nibble on the sides to get the chocolate, avoiding the cherry but always miserably fail and your mouth gets filled with a gooey liqueur drenched cherry, uurgh.

Some Swedish Xmas food; leverpastej, lingon bröd, tunnbröd.

Some Swedish Xmas food; leverpastej, lingon bröd, tunnbröd.


Being the carnivorous creature we are, our Christmas table (dinner buffet) consists of mostly several kinds of meats and fish, something I am not very fond of. I solely ate pate and salad together with the traditional schnapps, a spiced strong liquor that you drink it shots. This made me tipsy enough to pass out on the couch, and I didn’t wake up until a furry Santa came bursting into the living room laughing, I bet Dave had not counted on seeing santa, but when in the North…

I got some nice books and incense, at my age I don’t really get much and I don’t really need much either so that was all fine, books are always a good choice as it’s nice to have something to read when I travel.

Christmas day is the biggest going out night, and comical as it was, when we were in the taxi on our way to the city me and two of my friends realized we had no wallets, which is typical for us airheads, though it created enough drama to last us for the week. When we arrived at the club the line went around the building and for the first time since we arrived in Sweden, Dave was happy there was no snow and that it was warm outside. 20 Euros later we had paid entrance to enter a world of tall pretty people, pushing in the line to the wardrobe, hitting you in the face with their furry hoods. The club was packed with familiar faces from another lifetime, the later it got and the more drinks people had chugged, the more people I had reconnected with. Someone I hadn’t seen since middle school, and old friend, told me we are having our 10 year reunion this summer, where did the time go?

My homies

My homies

Dave left on the 27th, the same day it started to snow, how ironic. Since then I have treated myself to more food than I’ve had in half a year, and also to a pair of shoes, a leather jacket, a visit to the sauna, the gym and the cinema. ‘When at home..’ (that’s my motto, ‘when at home you can be a child and relax’ haha).
‘Tomorrows NY eve, I’m not overly stoked but I do feel like my time here is due, I take it as a sign that it’s time to leave when I feel the knot in my stomach grow, and my restless legs start a never ending shaking. This usually ends the same time I set foot at the train

station or the airport, but now I couldn’t find a flight until next Monday, so finger’s crossed I have not gone mad by then. I better pick up another couple books if I’m gone keep myself busy for another week.


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